Just … get … rid of it!

Oh dear. I just had an 2 hour adventure trying to install SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. This is a rough outline:

  1. Downloaded the installer from here and executed it
  2. This failed with a well-known error which I discovered just after step 3
  3. So I tried to uninstall SQL Server 2008 R2 November CTP because I thought these errors were related
  4. This is when I discovered that trying to do this via Add/Remove programs is pretty useless, these installers are getting in each other’s way because they all fail to uninstall dependent objects and these very objects just won’t show up in Add/Remove
  5. But then I found this post that said I had to run a tool mentioned here to get a list of installed software I could search for product ids and get rid of them using this smart uninstaller
  6. I was then able to use the Web Platform Installer to get SQL Server Express and Management Studio installed.

I wrote this post to thank Aaron Stebner for his blog posts and tools, to thank the guys responsible for the Web Platform installer for being the only reliable way to install anything that has ‘SQL Server’ in it and to blame the guys from SQL Server because of the same reason.

Why, oh why does it always have to be this way with SQL Server, I NEVER experience NO trouble.


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